We make sure your business, building, or municipality is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

We work with business owners to help them expand their customer base by showing them how to make their goods and services more readily accessible to persons with disabilities. We help municipalities and organizations make their programs and services more easily accessed by citizens with disabilities. We show business and government leaders how to bring their programs and facilities into full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act in the most efficient, cost-effective ways. We will objectively review your facilities, programs and services, and suggest to you the most cost effective methods of correcting any errors we may find. Remember, ADA Compliance is the law.
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   Get ADA Compliant
$30 in 30 Minutes!
Give us 30 minutes to do a complimentary survey of your offices. If we don't find any instances of non-compliance with applicable access standards, we'll give you $30!

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ADA Compliance: it doesn't just protect Americans with disabilities.  It Protects You.  ADA Compliance is the law.  Protect yourself, your clients, your customers and your employees.  Get ADA Compliant Today!

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